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Absorbine Friend Spotlight – Jessica Maslonka

You love your horse, and we love that! Every month we’ll be asking one of our friends from social media to showcase their horses and share a few words in our Absorbine Friend Spotlight! This month we’re spotlighting Jessica Maslonka … Continue reading

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Tips For Before The Farrier Arrives

Everything comes down to the feet, and we’re not just talking about legs. We rely on farriers to improve our horse’s hooves, help keep them sound and moving gracefully.  It is a demanding and dangerous job to begin with so we horse owners should … Continue reading

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Equine Movement Issues Solved with Jim Masterson

During Equine Affaire in West Springfield, MA last November, the stars magically aligned for us.  Jim Masterson of The Masterson Method® was a presenter at Equine Affaire®, and his wife Conley accompanied him from their home in Iowa.  Karen Tappendon, … Continue reading

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Some Winter Motivation

On January 5th, Absorbine asked our fans on Facebook for some inspiring words to help each other motivate to the barn.  We all need to go, they’re depending on us, but we thought it would be nice to be reminded … Continue reading

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Use ProCMC® To Prevent Gastric Upset In Horses This Winter

In many locations across the USA, the winter season means increased hours of stall time for our horses. “Neigh,” one might say, “equestrians are a hearty lot. A wintery ride through pristine snow drifts can be a good adventure for … Continue reading

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Absorbine Pinterest Promotion Rules

Absorbine Pinterest Promotion Rules. This promotion is not sponsored nor endorsed by PINTEREST in any way. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN THIS PROMOTION. DATES OF PROMOTION:  Periodically, Absorbine will announce special, limited time promotions (“The Promotion”) on its Pinterest … Continue reading

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Ticks In The Fall

The autumn chill brings with it some pretty great things. The start of the holiday season and all of that great food, for one. Cooler weather, which is appreciated by those of us in warmer climates. And at the barn, … Continue reading

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How to Prevent & Treat Scratches

When it gets wet and muddy outside, the chance that your horse will develop pastern dermatitis – commonly called scratches, but also known as greasy heal, swamp fever, dew poisoning or mud rash – increases dramatically. At the least, pastern … Continue reading

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Probiotics Maximize Bioavailability For More Muscle

Buy More Muscle® Maximize now. In More Muscle Maximize, Absorbine®’s new complete conditioning supplement, we’ve combined prebiotics and probiotics with our proven muscle strengthening ingredients.  Why would we do such a thing?  One word – Bioavailability.  Let’s start with Merriam … Continue reading

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Bute-Less Equine Supplement

Sensing discomfort in a friend is something we do almost unconsciously.  We can tell just by looking at them, or from the tone of their voice.  A human friend will confirm it when asked, but detecting discomfort in your horse … Continue reading

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