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How to Prevent & Treat Scratches

When it gets wet and muddy outside, the chance that your horse will develop pastern dermatitis – commonly called scratches, but also known as greasy heal, swamp fever, dew poisoning or mud rash – increases dramatically. At the least, pastern … Continue reading

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Probiotics Maximize Bioavailability For More Muscle

Buy More Muscle® Maximize now. In More Muscle Maximize, Absorbine®’s new complete conditioning supplement, we’ve combined prebiotics and probiotics with our proven muscle strengthening ingredients.  Why would we do such a thing?  One word – Bioavailability.  Let’s start with Merriam … Continue reading

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Bute-Less Equine Supplement

Sensing discomfort in a friend is something we do almost unconsciously.  We can tell just by looking at them, or from the tone of their voice.  A human friend will confirm it when asked, but detecting discomfort in your horse … Continue reading

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ShowSheen Grooming Tips (Infographic)

Here is a guide to what our ShowSheen Grooming Line can do for you and your horse!  Grooming tips and special uses for ShowSheen. Ride On!

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Fungasol: Now With Biopolysan Booster Derived From Coconuts

Absorbine® is proud to introduce Fungasol®, your go-to solution to help treat fungal and bacterial skin conditions on horses! Our new cleansing shampoo, convenient spray, and thick ointment all contain therapeutic ingredients plus the addition of revolutionary Biopolysan® booster, proven … Continue reading

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Which Hooflex Is Right For You?

Just ask, and your farrier will tell you the main factors that contribute to healthy hooves – nutrition, regular care including proper trimming and balancing, footing/environment, genetics and regular TLC.  The regular TLC is where you come in!  We were … Continue reading

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Why Choose Hooflex® Thrush Remedy?

Equine thrush is a condition many of us horse owners battle.  Thrush is described as an infection localized in the soft triangular-shaped “frog” of the hoof, especially the grooves on the sides and middle of the frog called the sulci.  … Continue reading

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Absorbine Inverviews Tucker S Johnson Team Member

Absorbine® interviewed Melissa Warner recently.  Melissa is part of the Tucker S Johnson driving team and manages his horses.  In 2011 at the F.E.I. World Equestrian Games, Tucker’s team won a bronze medal individually and helped Team USA win a … Continue reading

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Treat Your Horse’s Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion

It’s not uncommon for a horse to weigh more than 1,000 pounds and all of that weight sits on their hooves. Couple that with the weight of a rider on rocky, uneven terrain and it’s understandable that horses can sometimes … Continue reading

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Fun UltraShield Displays

Dear Absorbine® Dealers, Here’s big thanks from all of the employees at Absorbine for making UltraShield® look so good!!  Below are the pictures of fun UltraShield displays where you made shopping for fly control a little different this year.  

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